Aquarela »

Victor Kossakovsky’s Aquarela has spectacular photo footage which is fuelled with a score composed by Eicca Toppinen. Large glaciers are melting at a growing pace, the sea level is rising and hurricanes take over our streets. The consequences of climate change are being addressed in Aquarela, even though it is not exactly a film about the approaching disaster. Aquarela takes […]

The Ballad of Shirley Collins »

Say what you will about folk music, you either love it or ignore it, but The Ballad of Shirley Collins is a film that everyone should see. Stories lie in the core of folk. In the age of corporate narratives and brand storytelling there is really an oversupply of stories, but there is always room for truly good […]

Los Reyes »

Technically commendable and smoothly rolling Los Reyesand its sympathetic characters provide a welcome breather to enjoy between busy daily routines. Located in the capital of Chile, Los Reyes is one of the largest skateparks in the country. It is also the home of two dog pals. Shaggy and already somewhat greyish Football is not too fussy about what he accepts […]

People’s Republic of Desire »

The dream of becoming rich is universal, thriving especially in the social strata without great prospects or high hopes. In China, the digital generation’s hunt for millions has a better chance of succeeding than winning the lottery, but this demands constant effort and sacrifices. Director Hao Wu’s documentary, People’s Republic of Desire, follows the diaosi live-streaming hosts, virtual entertainers after […]

Genesis 2.0 »

On the northernmost edge of Siberia, a group of scientists are living the real Jurassic Park – with mammoths. Every summer a group of North Siberian men set out on a bold journey. They cross the Arctic Ocean in small rubber boats from the Siberian coast to the New Siberian Islands. The Arctic landscapes are beautiful, rugged, […]