Estonian short films

For Aesthetic Reasons

How does the Danish society react if a person wants to stay in the country but his motives are primarily aesthetic? The film For Aesthetic Reasons portrays the young Estonian art historian Andres Kurg who goes to Denmark and, at the director’s instigation, turns to all kinds of institutions with an attempt to seek permission to settle down in Denmark because he likes the environment. »For purely aesthetic reasons«, as he claims.

Director: Marko Raat
Year: 1999
Length: 29 min


A Well-Kept Secret

The small Estonian village of Soonlepa is home to its last three residents – a witch, an artist, and a philologist. All their lives will change when Aino the witch is diagnosed with cancer. This melancholy film captures everyday life in an abandoned village with interviews full of memories of youth and discussions of art and poetry.


Director: Mihkel Oksmann
Year: 2918
Length: 25 min


A Weight of All the Beauty

“The Weight of All the Beauty” is a poetical documentary about men who are so full of beauty, love and vitality but also so lonely. These men lived in Põdra village between sea and forest where the only one to play with is a bottle demon – Vodka Spirit. The only survivor Villi tells us the stories of his four friends – Urmas, Kalju, Heints and Väints and how they ended up being tricked by the Vodka Spirit. Villi takes us on a journey through the village, where the houses of his friends and the protective old trees live on as if nothing had happened. So if everyone else is dead, how is Villi still alive?

Director: Eeva Mägi
Year: 2919
Length: 23 min

  • Age limit: null


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