Estonian short films »

For Aesthetic Reasons How does the Danish society react if a person wants to stay in the country but his motives are primarily aesthetic? The film For Aesthetic Reasons portrays the young Estonian art historian Andres Kurg who goes to Denmark and, at the director’s instigation, turns to all kinds of institutions with an attempt […]

Tungrus + The Grand Bizarre »

The Grand Bizzare A postcard from an imploded society. Bringing mundane objects to life to interpret place through materials, the film transcribes an experience of pattern, labor and alien(nation)(s). A pattern parade in pop music pairs figure and landscape to trip through the topologies of codification. Following components, systems, and samples in a collage of textiles, […]

The World Changers + The Last Lesson »

The World Changers   Direcotor: Valeria Anderson Country: Eesti Year: 1966 Length: 14 min   The Last Lesson In the midst of intensive study for final exams, the camera follows secondary school students during classes and private conversations. They discuss their plans, dreams, views and feelings on the brink of adulthood, the moment when everything still seems […]

I signed the petition + Summa »

I signed the petition One morning in Berlin, the filmmaker accidentally wakes his friend in England with a phone call, because he’s worried. The previous evening, he signed a petition for a cultural boycott of Israel, but was that actually such a good idea? As a Palestinian, he’s already treated with suspicion. Despite being half […]

Kitchen Triptych »

‘A day in the life’ of the kitchens of some of Estonia’s top restaurants. What happens in the engine room of a restaurant once you’ve placed your order? This film shows us the ‘hidden places’ where diners rarely go, with all the stress and passion that goes into making great food. Who does what and […]

The Border Fence »

Nikolaus Geyerhalter’s latest film The Border Fence deals with the refugee crisis from the perspective of regular people. A pass between Italy and Austria in the middle of Tirol suddenly becomes the scene for a refugee crisis, as a border crossing between the European Union and Turkey is closed in 2016. During World War II, people in the […]

Atelier de conversation »

Thirteen men and women are sitting in a circle on the red plastic chairs of a closed learning space at the Pompidou Centre library in Paris. What the group members have in common is their slow and fumbling manner of speaking French, as well as the will to understand more of it. The expressions are […]

The Last Greeting + The Proposal »

The Last Greeting   Director: Mark Soosaar Country: Eesti Year: 1981 Length: 10 min The Proposal Jill Magid’s personally political The Proposal elegantly polemicizes questions regarding art and the ownership and control over works of art. The inheritance of the acclaimed Mexican architect Luis Barragán was divided in his will to a personal and professional archive, the latter of them having been out of […]

Acid Forest »

The Curonian Spit sounds like a place-name found on the map sheet of a fantasy novel. It also looks unreal. Part of the narrow peninsula belongs to Lithuania and part to Russia – but its real masters are the great cormorants. Thousands of these birds have settled in the pine forests of the Curonian Spit […]

Bamboo Stories »

In the middle of summer, the weather conditions in Bangladesh are harsh; the air is extremely hot, heavy rains often fall, and bugs are swarming everywhere. It is under such conditions that three modern-day bamboo loggers have to float a raft made of over 25,000 logs for 300km along a river. The documentary by Shaheen Dill-Riaz takes […]